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CHORIZO Grilled spicy chorizo served with tomato salsa $5.00

CHORIZO Grilled spicy chorizo served with tomato salsa $5.00

Latinada Tapas, Bar, Restaurant

1671 Bloor Street West Toronto Ontario M6P 1A6 1-416-913-9716

(PLEASE NOTE: This is my first (and probably last) online review)

Latinada located at 1671 Bloor Street West (south side), just east of Keele TTC Subway station in Toronto, serves South American food with a solid Latin flavour. We sat near the front of the restaurant quite far from the bar and the music. The restaurant is quite dark and we strained to read the small print menu in the dark. This is definitely much more a Tapas Bar than a restaurant. Many small dishes are shared during animated conversations and between drinks. You can relax and enjoy the food and drink, dance to the live entertainment or just listen to the music.
Being a Tapas bar and restaurant, we ordered a number of small dishes including guacamole dip made with fresh avocado, coriander, onion and tomato, served with corn chips; sweet potato fries which were hand-cut; Chilean-style baked beef empanada de carne; deep-fried calamari rings (my wife’s favourite) with tomato salsa; grilled spicy chorizo and grilled squid marinated in olive oil, garlic and spicy paprika. Order one or two dishes at a time or they will bring all the tapas at one time and they will get cold quickly. We shared a paella marinara for two (Saffron rice with seafood, chicken, chorizo, zucchini, sweet peppers) which was tasty but contained too much chicken and not enough seafood for its $36.00 price tag. It was Saturday night and the small room was quite full with patrons who appeared to be regulars enjoying both the food and, the live music by Rufino Manuel, Latin Jazz. There is, I think, an art gallery upstairs but we did not take the opportunity to visit.
Alfredo, the owner of Latinada is behind it all. He appears to like hats and was wearing one while we were there. There is a charm to the restaurant which he creates with his outgoing personality. We might just go back.

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